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2011年6月23日 星期四

Rocket car stunt game Jet Car Stunts v1.06

Rocket car stunt racing, racing was able to bring other players unable to experience the special pleasures of the game. Extra long distance ring leap, jumping through the air, floating platforms, screw the runway, and these runways are in the sky above. 3D picture gives more exciting, there is no apparent Burr corners and frames, pulled the brake drift apart from car crash sound has no sound.

"Mobile phone paradise game reviews"
Racing games that have been on the iPhone, control a little uncomfortable.
V1.0.6 update:-fix default device steering angle on the landscape. An error-correction began some equipment.


Rocket car thrilling stunts game Jet Car Stunts v1.06_ sports _M9 ... can bring no other racing experience to the players special pleasures. Extra long distance ring leap, jumping through the air, floating platforms, screw the runway, and these runways are ... Wed, 08 Jun 2011 17:10:00 GMT

3D stack stone Stones of Tranquility v1.16

Using the accelerometer, sway phone, drop stones stacked together, balance ~
Picture is not bad, is the action a little sensitive

"Mobile phone paradise game reviews"
V1.16 update: added accelerators sensitivity settings; repair of Samsung Vibrant bugandroid game emulator


3D stack stone Stones of Tranquility v1.16-Android games download more preview; Game name: 3D stack stone Stones of Tranquility v1.16; Tariff Tip: free; Game format: APK; Game type: Leisure and entertainment Sun, 12 Jun 2011 05:38:00 GMT

Empire OL EmpireOL v1.0

The most popular mobile games on May 17 the Empire OL login Android platform! The beautiful scenery of the Empire OL, hundreds of fashion, cute pets, gorgeous effects, unique games, attracting over 5 million registered users! While the Android version of the Empire has been redesigned UI design, all features with excellent characteristics the perfect combination of the Android system, more joined the touching music, operation more convenient, fighting more exciting, more readily to play, can be seen as a new mobile game!

"Mobile phone paradise game reviews"
A domestic production of network games. Really like playing this game be sure not to miss. The game on a large screen phones will be black on the bottom edge.


Empire OL v1.0 | N network-make it simple for Android | Android software ... the most popular mobile online games. Empire OL (EmpireOL) v1.11 most popular cell phone online games in China on May 17 the Empire OL login Android platform! The Empire O ... Tue, 31 May 2011 09:56:00 GMT

Touch Touch Racing Nitro model racing v1.2.3

Touch migration from iOS model car racing game on the Android platform, as the game is simple, with full touch to control the direction, make the players feel to remote control, iOS best popular. More important is that the game provides different topography sites and more than 10 pieces of carefully designed track, coupled with the integration of a strong Feint games social networking platform, make the game more challenging and playability.

"Mobile phone paradise game reviews"
Handling of the game is not very goodandroid game emulator


Touch Racing Nitro v1.2.3-Android touch model racing games ... more preview; Game name: touch Touch Racing Nitro model racing v1.2.3; Tariff Tip: free; Game format: APK; Game categories: racing games Tue, 07 Jun 2011 22:05:00 GMTandroid game emulator

2011年6月22日 星期三

Age Of Wind in the sailing era v2.3

Navigation era is a paragraph residential Zhuo platform Shang is fun of sea adventure game, players as a sailing captain, to from a ship small sailing started, in large sea navigation, and enemy and trade, constantly accumulation wealth (sunk enemy ship can gets small currency, but fighting after need repair sailing), became aspect Sihai of legend captain, in full dangerous and opportunities of sea adventure, exploration new of island, and Navy for fighting, transactions exotic ambience of commodity.
The residential Zhuo game used touch controlled, and gravity double combination control, by shake fuselage implementation change direction and hull swing, action, let hull side alignment enemy ship, touch screen launch shells, sunk enemy ship (has wind and wind environment, in wind combat Shi, vessel transmission flexible many, players can more using), gets trade material and currency, purchase more large of vessel, and upgrade shells fire, and hull defense force and navigation speed.

Game controls:
-Departure-accelerometer for tilt the phone control
-Fire-click anywhere on the screen
-View map-click on task bar
Game features:
Unique ship-17;
-21 unique island;
-100 unique campaign;
-The world is full of danger and adventure;
-Cannon-increases speed of shooting ranges and supply
-Armor-reduces opponents opportunities, damage the ships frame.
-Sailing ships-increases speed and agility

Lifting the curse of the Santa Catalina

"Mobile phone paradise game reviews"
Note that games need support 2.2 system, for hardware requirements are very high, milestone generation will not be able to play. Please self test. The game is very good, but control difficult, need to adapt game emulator


Maritime era: the Age Of Wind _ Anqi 2 v2.3_Android game download network... navigation Age in the era Of Wind 2 is a fun adventure game, players in the game as a yacht captain, to starting a small sailing ship, sailing in the sea, the enemy and trade, constantly ... Sun, 29 May 2011 20:43:00 GMTandroid game emulator

Spot Gold FaceFighter Gold beating face v1.04

Do you feel air is everywhere the misery, often suffer from being despised nowhere to vent do, do you hate someone, but unable to publicly attack? Now held the last perfect catharsis ways to comfort many traumatized souls. This is FaceFighter! Find pictures of the man, sticking to the game characters head, OK, began pumping him!

"Mobile phone paradise game reviews"
The game too hoaxes still can come up with someone elses head stuck up, make you crazy vent. Rational use of the games you want, or you may affect the harmonious development of society.


Striker beat FaceFighter Gold v1.04[Gold version has the face paying] "5.13... mobile community in China" game information "required Android version: version 2.1 and later game size: 24M about the game: do you feel air is everywhere the miseries of, often been ... Fri, 03 Jun 2011 08:26:00 GMTandroid game emulator

I My paper plane Paper Plane 2 x

Accelerometer-controlled racing game, similar to a racing car. Very well.

Fix 1.5 1.6 version error

"Mobile phone paradise game reviews"
This game is not bad, by accelerometer control is also very smooth.


Android game I 2:My paper plane Paper Plane 2 v2.0.1 download _ ... I 2:My paper plane Paper Plane 2 latest download page. My Paper Plane 2 using the accelerometer to control paper plane fly over obstacles to the destination, for users who G1/G2 not running, you need to kill ... Thu, 09 Jun 2011 06:25:00 GMTandroid game emulator